iCare Oxygen Monitor Pro

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iCare Oxygen Monitor Pro

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:52 am

iCare Oxygen Monitor Pro could measure your blood oxygen by only mobile, and the error of plus or minus 2 or less.

User Guide:
1. Pressing the screen with your finger.
2. Put your index finger on the back of your cell phone camera head to ensure that they are completely covered.
3. Hold this position until the test is complete.

1. Only by mobile, without any other device.
2. Very easy to use.
3. Describe your records:

Tags ? write short descriptions and use them repeatedly

4. Statistical trends oxygen, changing habits.

Reliable data:
A large number of user authentication

1. Heart rate error of plus or minus 3 or less.
2. Blood pressure for more than 95% of users, the error is within plus or minus 12. 3.Blood Oxygen error plus or minus 2 or less.
4. Identification and accuracy of high blood cholesterol more than 80%.

Mobile measuring blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index. It does not require any peripherals, only use a mobile phone measure blood pressure, heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capacity, psychological index, colorblind and other physical data, and provides targeted health programs .

1. Measure the user?s blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, Lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index and other physical data through the phone.
2. Measure Physical data by Bluetooth Sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth wristband, Bluetooth body fat scales, Bluetooth ECG instrument .
3. Statistics daily health data and make statistics and trend analysis.
4. Based on the user?s health data and trends, to provide health alert service.
5. Without wearable device, super-convenient pedometer.
6. Games and interactive training programs, statistics and manage daily physical activity and sport type.What?s New in v2.6.7 ?
1. put weight and height in inches
2. improve blood pressure calibration solution, add remove calibration data
3. optimize forum?s pictures feature
4. fixed bug

How to Install ?

Download the given APK to your phone
Install it normally

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